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Old Lahaina Luau Review, Maui

If you’re looking for the best luau in Hawaii, you can stop looking. This is it. Maybe a bold statement, but I’ve been to a lot of luaus in Hawaii and I know when I’m impressed. And I’m impressed.

Before attending this luau, I’d long heard that it was the best on Maui. The Old Lahaina Luau has the reputation for being the most authentic (but still crowd pleasing) luau in the islands, so I had pretty high expectations. 

Since this luau is the most popular one on Maui, it often books up months in advance, so I recommend making reservations as soon as you know your travel dates. I booked our tickets about 3 months in advance and we had great seats (your seating assignments are made in the order that tickets are reserved).

Old Lahaina Luau Review

Location & Setting

The Old Lahaina Luau does absolutely everything right (this is a rave review if you couldn’t already tell), but the biggest first impression is the setting. Located right on the water at the quiet end of Front Street in Lahaina, this is an independent luau (it’s not at a resort) so the venue is custom built to host a high end luau and you can tell. It’s not a small luau (capacity of 500 or so), but it FEELS intimate because of the way everything is laid out and designed. 

Prices & Packages

This is a one price fits all luau. Which is actually kind of amazing. Some luaus have so many packages and add ons and extras that it feels like it requires a PhD to figure out the best option. There’s one choice to make here: do you want traditional seating (at a low table where you sit on a cushion on the ground) or do you want to sit at a table in a chair? Both are the same price and the seating is tiered in a semi circle so that no matter where you sit your view is PERFECT. 

Adults: $229.17 with taxes

Children: $139.58 with taxes

Is Old Lahaina Luau the Most Authentic Luau in Hawaii?

This is the point in my luau reviews where I usually drop a disclaimer about the authenticity level: any commercial luau (one that you pay to attend) is NOT going to be authentic. A luau in the Hawaiian culture is similar to a backyard BBQ. Friends and family gathering to eat a big meal, hang out and visit, play games, sing songs (whatever you do at your family get togethers) and just spend time together. 

Commercial luaus have combined some special elements of Hawaiian culture (including hula dancing and a feasting on certain foods among others) into an event but the very fact that you’re paying to attend means it’s not authentic. 

That being said…the Old Lahaina Luau is regularly touted as “the most authentic” luau in Hawaii. And as far as commercial luaus go, it is. There is not an ounce of corny at this luau. Everything from the setting to the food to the show is done as first class as possible. The level of service and hospitality at this luau is unparalleled and the way the everyone involved shows aloha makes it feel very authentic. 

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Arrival & Pre Dinner Entertainment

We were told to arrive at 5:15 (depending on the daylight at different times of the year, it may be later) and although many people were streaming in, we got checked in and seated right away.

We were greeted with fresh flower leis and mai tais, which made a great first impression. I’ve been to other luaus where you get a shell lei (or have to pay to upgrade to a flower lei) so this was a nice touch. It’s also worth mentioning that the mai tai (which had plenty of rum in it) was served in an actual glass (imagine!) with a pineapple slice and orchid on top. Every other luau I’ve been to in Hawaii (including some of the “best”) usually just hands you some sort of fruit punch in a tiny plastic cup so this set the stage for a nice evening.

Next we were shown to our table. The tables are arranged in a tiered semi circle around the stage and everything overlooks the ocean. The bottom tiers feature traditional seating on cushions at low tables while the upper tiers have tables and chairs. You choose your seating category at the time of booking, but your spot within that category is assigned based on a first come first serve method (when you book) as I mentioned above.

After we got settled into our table, we wandered around the grounds a bit to take photos. There were also several activities/games set up that you could participate in.

You’ll want to stake out a good spot around the cooking pit for the Imu ceremony (the unearthing of the luau pig). It started at six, but by the time they announced it, it was already pretty crowded. I think this is always a highlight of any luau.

As the sun was setting, the dancers came out and danced a hula that was SO PRETTY against the silhouette of the palm trees.

Food & Drinks

We were one of the first tables called up for the buffet, and I was pretty impressed by the offerings. The food is very traditional and you’ll find all of the classic luau staples present (kalua pork, teriyaki chicken, mahi mahi, poi, lau lau, an assortment of poke and cold salads as well as mashed purple sweet potatoes. I’ve heard locals talk about how much they enjoy the food at this luau, which I take as high praise. And I will say, it’s by far the best traditional food I’ve had at a luau (the Ka Wa’a Luau had mighty tasty food, but I think that was in part due to the chicken fingers and mac and cheese at the kids buffet ; ) I do think you have to temper your expectations here though, because while it is the “best,” it’s still a buffet, so don’t expect a gourmet meal.

This is where I have to say something about the service. Unlike other luaus I’ve been to where once you’re shown to your table, you’re pretty much on your own, the service here was excellent. There’s a drink menu with specialty cocktails (although there’s also a full bar), and all drinks are included. Our server stopped by our table numerous times to clear plates, refill drinks, ask if we wanted drinks from the bar, etc. It’s the best service that I’ve ever had at a luau or a buffet in general. Dessert is also served at the table and there was a tray of sweets presented (as well as all of the fresh fruit and haupia at the buffet) as well as coffee. Be sure to bring cash for a tip, because it’s not included in your ticket and these servers definitely earn it.

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The Show

Once dinner was finished, the show began. Wow. I’ve never seen such beautiful hula in such a wide range of styles. I was sitting so close to the stage there were times it felt like I could’ve reached out and touched the dancers. The show truly was the best I’ve ever seen at any luau by a long shot. There was some narration and it told the story of the evolution of hula, but it never felt overly produced. The focus truly was on the dances. The pacing was great and I never felt bored at all (and I’ll admit I have a somewhat short attention span when it comes to live shows).

It’s worth noting that since this is a traditional luau, it’s only the hula that’s performed (traditional dances from the Hawaiian Islands) so there is no Samoan fire dancer as there often is at other luaus where it’s a celebration of dance styles from different Polynesian islands. I didn’t miss that part of the show, but there was a little boy at our table who was pretty bummed that there was no fire dancer.

The show wrapped up by 8:30 and it felt like a nice length of time for the luau without it being rushed or dragged out. And as the show was ending, our waiter brought packages of banana bread as a parting gift!

Is the Old Lahaina Luau Worth It?

This is a question I get asked a lot when people see the price tag of a luau in general (and this one is at the higher end of the spectrum). In a word, yes. It is worth it. This is by far the best overall luau in Hawaii, and it has a very first class feel. The flower leis, real plates and silverware (it seems silly, but it’s a big step up from plastic ware), traditional seating, oceanside setting, authentic food, and outstanding service besides the top notch show make this a high end evening. There’s nothing tacky or touristy going on here. If you’re going to do a luau on Maui, make it this one.

99% of the dissatisfied reviews I see for this luau usually involve the price. It’s $145/person (including tax), and it seems that some people expect a Michelin star meal for that price. While the food is very good, it’s still just a buffet. I think to enjoy this luau, you have to reframe your perspective that you’re paying for over three hours of a don’t miss experience which includes dinner and a show and not just a meal (for comparison…dinner at Mama’s Fish House and and evening at the Old Lahaina Luau are about the same price). 

The Overall Experience

Well I’m not sure what else I can say. I’ve been to a LOT of luaus and honestly most of them kind of run together, but this one is special. Besides everything I’ve already told you, I guess the best way to sum it up is…while a lot of luaus feel like a production or a list of experiences to check off (Imu ceremony, check…hula lesson, check…taste poi, check) the Old Lahaina Luau feels more like a pleasant evening spent with friends enjoying good food and entertainment. Which at the end of the day, it what makes it feel so authentic

Special thanks to Cameron White for taking most of the beautiful photos featured in this post!

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