An Old Fashioned Travel Blog…Hawaii Style!

These days it seems like most of the travel information on the internet is either unhelpful fluff generated by AI or from influencers more interested in linking their outfits than anything else.

So I’m glad you found me! I’ve been writing this travel blog about Hawaii for over 8 years, and even though it’s “my blog,” it’s really all about YOU.

From “copy my trip” itineraries to really detailed reviews and comparisons of places to stay, you’ll get first hand intel on places I’ve actually been and insights about what I would do differently next time. And after living on Maui and years of traveling to Hawaii several times a year, I’ve got a HUGE archive of info on Hawaii ; )

Everything I write is designed to help you get your trip from the “dream” phase to the “I can’t believe we’re actually going” phase.


Hawaii is how I got my start as a travel blogger. After moving to Maui for a little hiatus after school and playing tour guide for my steady stream of visitors, I started writing it all down. One move back to the mainland and DOZENS of trips back to the islands later and I think I’ve put together a little gold mine of Hawaii travel tips.

About Caity

Hi! I’m Caity…a travel blogger that got bit by the Hawaii bug long ago. I’ve always loved to travel to far off places, and I’ve always loved the beach so Hawaii fits me like a dream. 

I lived on Maui for a while after I finished school and started this travel blog about Hawaii after I started getting so many questions from friends and family that were planning to visit Hawaii. 

Fast forward 10 years and I’ve made countless trips back to Hawaii (I usually go 3-4 times a year) and spent so much time keeping this site up to date so YOU can have the best information possible to plan your trip. 

So whether you’re planning your first trip to Hawaii, you’re planning on visiting a new island for the first time, or you’re a seasoned Hawaii traveler, you’ll find something here for you. 

Thanks for reading!

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