Hello, friend! I’m Caity, the mastermind behind this little travel blog. 

I moved to Maui for a spell after I finished school (because no thanks adulthood!) and after a year of showing my steady stream of visitors around the island, I started this blog to share everything I’d learned. 

After spending a lot of time in Hawaii (living there plus many many trips), I think I’ve put together a little gold mine of Hawaii travel tips and information. 

While this is “my” travel blog and it’s all about the trips that “I” take, it’s really all about you. My goal with this blog is always to help YOU plan the kind of trip you want. 

My Style (AKA What to Expect Here)

I’m the guinea pig that spends my time and $$$ testing everything out so I can tell you what’s really worth it or not. And boy will I tell you. When I really love something I will not stop talking about it, and when I’m…let’s just say “unimpressed” you will also hear about it. So, expect plenty of honest opinions and recommendations.

I write like I talk, and when you read my posts, I hope you feel like you’re catching up with your best friend over coffee about a trip she just went on. I don’t know about you, but I always weigh recommendations from friends over strangers on the internet ; ) 

So that’s me…your friend who knows a LOT about traveling to Hawaii. 

A Few of My Hawaii Opinions

I told you I have opinions (and you’ll come across plenty of them as you read through this blog), but here are some of my strongest ones (or at least ones that come up the most):

Maui is my favorite island (I lived there so I’m sentimental), but I could plan you a knock out, fabulous trip to any island. 

May and September are the cheapest times of year to go to Hawaii, but I think February is the best. It seems like the height of luxury to me to escape the long, cold winter for Hawaii. 

When I’m planning a “vacation” to Hawaii (staying in the resort bubble and doing nothing but relaxing), I always head to Wailea on Maui. Although the Big Island is quickly becoming a favorite (the Mauna Kea Beach Hotel, Mauna Lani Resort, and Four Seasons Hualalai are some of the best resorts in Hawaii). 

I’m more of a hotel person than a condo person. 

The north shore of Kauai is the most magical place in Hawaii. But it rains a lot and I don’t visit as often as I’d like. 

The best luau in all of Hawaii is the Old Lahaina Luau on Maui. 

Mama’s Fish House on Maui is a must do. I’d skip a luau and a snorkel excursion before I’d cut dinner at Mama’s from the budget. 

I have a love/hate relationship with Waikiki (on Oahu). It’s not my idea of an island paradise, but it’s really convenient, has a certain charm, and has some great boutique hotels. 

I think Oahu gets more hate than it deserves and it’s mostly from people who never left Waikiki. The windward coast of Oahu is as beautiful as Kauai. There, I said it. 

Kauai isn’t nearly as “undiscovered” as people make it out to be. And sometimes the lack of investment in infrastructure makes it seem more crowded than it really is. It’s LOVELY, just don’t think you’ll be the only people there. 

If you’ve got kids, Disney’s Aulani Resort on Oahu is the place to be (it’s the place to be for me and I don’t even have kids ; ) followed closely by the Grand Wailea on Maui. 

I’m not a fan of cruising to or around Hawaii. Pick an island and really dig in. 

If you visit Maui and you don’t go upcountry or to the north shore, you’re missing out. 

If you’ve done a decent amount of research on something and you’re still asking yourself if it’s “worth it,” it’s not for you. And that’s ok. Everybody has a different financial situation (or tolerance for spending money on certain things) and you don’t have to enjoy how other people spend their money. 

Molokai is not the right island for 90% of people. 

Lanai is basically a private island and if you’re not going to spend $$$ I’d skip it. 

More About Me

So, besides the travel thing…here’s me in a nutshell:

I was born and raised in Oklahoma and I’m Native American. 

I love visiting historical sites and museums wherever I go. I have a National Parks passport (the parks service manages TONS of National Historic Landmarks besides the parks) and will go out of my way to see the landmarks and parks where I’m visiting and get my passport stamped. 

On the other end of the spectrum, I have a complete obsession with all things Disney (and Star Wars) and am an on again/off again annual passholder at Walt Disney World. 

I have a labradoodle named Juniper who starts to pout when she sees my suitcase come out. 

I love tennis. Love playing it, love watching it, and it’s on my bucket list to go to all four grand slams. 

I think You’ve Got Mail is the greatest movie ever made. I will die on this hill. Tom Hanks is a national treasure. 

I watch classic sitcoms way more than anything else. I once bought bootleg DVDs of seasons 4, 5, and 6 of The Nanny on the internet (they were recorded off the Lifetime channel!ha) because they weren’t licensed for DVD. Other favorites on current rotation are the Golden Girls, the Mary Tyler Moore Show, Cheers, the Dick Van Dyke Show, and the Facts of Life. 

I will go out of my way to hit up an independent bookstore and I collect different editions of Jane Austen books. I write where I bought them inside the cover and it’s my favorite travel souvenir. I also read way too many Austen retellings and spinoffs. 

I love art, architecture, and design in general, and I usually choose hotels based on their design (love boutique hotels!).

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