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Rosemary Beach Florida Vacation Rentals

Rosemary Beach is quickly becoming one of my favorite spots in Florida for a quick beach getaway close to home. I’ve long been a Seaside fan (just down the road!), but Rosemary Beach is a little quieter and more upscale plus you get all of the perks of staying on 30a.

Those perks include: quite possibly the prettiest beaches in Florida (the sand is so white! The water is so blue!) and close access to all of the cute little beach communities along 30a.

There is only one hotel in Rosemary Beach (The Pearl) so most people end up staying in vacation rentals.  The architectural style of Rosemary Beach is very distinct and all of the beach houses are incredibly swoon worthy, but there are a LOT of them. So I’ve rounded up some of my favorite Rosemary Beach vacation rentals plus general tips that I always use when booking condos/vacation rentals.

First things first…before you start looking around for specific rentals, it’s best to have a general idea of where you want to stay. Presumably, if you’re reading this post, you’re wanting to stay in Rosemary Beach, but if you’re not terribly familiar with the area, or you’re just wanting to stay somewhere on 30a in general, read this post first for a breakdown of the whole area. Also, read up on 7 dreamy Seaside vacation rentals here.

Rosemary Beach Florida Vacation Rentals

My Tips for Booking a Rosemary Beach Vacation Rental

Consider what you need. What’s important to you? Are you looking for something right on the beach? Do you need a full kitchen? Reliable Wi-Fi? A full house or just a studio? Something pet friendly? Be clear about what you want before you start searching.

Read reviews. Before you even consider staying at a property, you should read up on what people who have stayed there have to say. Remember, you’ll only hear the good points from the host but reviews usually give a much more honest story. And when I’m weeding through listings, I also put a lot of weight into the photographs provided. If the photos look professional, it probably means that the owner runs their vacation rental in a professional manner and that is an indication that it’s a good place to stay.

Ask plenty of questions. When you’re seriously considering staying at a specific property, you should correspond with the owner and ask them any questions you may have.

Count the extra costs. Be sure to factor in any security deposits, cleaning fees, and booking fees.

Know the cancellation policy. Each property and owner may have different terms so know what they are before you commit.

Rosemary Beach Florida Vacation Rentals

Where I Book My Rosemary Beach Vacation Rentals

So now that you know what you’re looking for…how do you find it?

I think the best place to find (and book) Rosemary Beach/30a vacation rentals is Vrbo. They’ve been around forever and are probably the most reputable booking platform online (with owners and vacationers alike), which means that you’ll find more quality properties listed on Vrbo than anywhere else online. I used to book more often with Airbnb, but I’ve begun to find that they often don’t have what I’m looking for (plus I had a less than great experience dealing with corporate last time I used them).

Overall on Vrbo you’re going to find properties listed by owners who take their rental business very seriously and are committed to providing you the best accommodations possible.

How does it work? By doing a simple search by specific area (in this case Rosemary Beach/30a), you’ll be able to find a wide (price and type) range of accommodations. You can refine your search to fit certain criteria (price, space, style, etc.) before you start weeding through specific properties.

The number of search results you’ll find can be extremely overwhelming, so I would suggest putting as many filters as possible (especially price and number of bedrooms) and then viewing the results on a map so you can get an idea for where everything is located.

I know what people are looking for specifically varies greatly, but I often get asked for the best (i.e. cheapest, nicest, cleanest) beachfront rentals, so I’ve rounded up a few specific properties that I like the looks of:

My Favorite Rosemary Beach Vacation Rentals

Rosemary Beach Florida Vacation Rentals

Cozy Studio Close to Town Center! Great location and recently renovated. Price starts at $194/night.

Rosemary Beach Florida Vacation Rentals

2 Bedroom Close to the Beach! Cute interior and exterior, close to the beach. Price starts at $288/night.

Rosemary Beach Florida Vacation Rentals

Luxury Carriage House with Gulf Views! 1 Bedroom, 2 bathrooms, 30 second walk to the beach. Price starts at $276/night.

Rosemary Beach Florida Vacation Rentals

Southern Style “Casita”! 2 Bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and pet friendly. Price starts at $171/night.

Rosemary Beach Florida Vacation Rentals

Luxury Cottage with Private Pool! This place looks incredible! 4 bedrooms, 3.5 baths and a whole lot of awesome. Price starts at $549/night.

Rosemary Beach Florida Vacation Rentals

Rustic Carriage House Steps from the Beach! Gulf views with access to bikes. Price starts at $213/night.

Rosemary Beach Florida Vacation Rentals

2 Bedroom Carriage House with Gulf Views! Private parking and access to community pools. Price starts at $249/night.

All photos are from individual property listings on Vrbo.

All of the cottages/rentals I’ve linked to above are in what’s considered Rosemary Beach “proper”. If you’re having trouble finding a place in your budget “in” Rosemary Beach, try searching in neighboring Seacrest instead. It’s literally just a block over and in some cases could be even closer walking distance to the beach or to the central town area than some houses in Rosemary Beach.

Also,these rates are also STARTING rates, meaning that’s the cheapest rate you’ll find during the slow season (usually September through April) so if you’re putting in dates for high season (summer months and spring break), the rates may be higher.

These are just 7 swoon worthy Rosemary Beach vacation rentals but THERE. ARE. SO. MANY. Hundreds. So click here and put in your search parameters (price, # of bedrooms, etc.) and I guarantee that you will find something PERFECT for you!

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