Horseback Riding in Turks & Caicos with Provo Ponies

I can gush about this all day. Horseback riding on the beach is probably one of the coolest things you can do in TCI and it was #1 on my bucket list. Think about it…white sand, turquoise water, gorgeous horses…how can you go wrong with that?

Horseback Riding in Turks & Caicos

We rode with Provo Ponies on their hour-long morning group ride with a group of about 12. I rode Ike, a big sweetie with years of experience leading nervous riders on their once in a lifetime ride along the sea.

We had two guides on our trip, and we headed out of the corral single file along a road for about 10-15 minutes until we picked up the trail to Long Bay Beach. While obviously you come to ride on the beach, we actually thought the trail was pretty cool! It was a sand covered cut out through lush vegetation and it felt like we were headed to a secret place that nobody else knew about.

Once we cleared the trail and the beach was in sight, the horses seemed to get excited, as they knew what was coming next. We walked along the beach for a little ways before our guide led the group into the water. It’s hard to say who was more excited, the horses or the riders!

I’ll be honest…when I started planning this trip and initially booked the ride, I thought it would be epically fun and definitely the highlight of the trip. Then as it approached, I started telling myself that while I’m sure it would be fun, there was no way it would live up to the hype in my head. Let me tell you, when Ike started wading into the ocean and I felt the cool water on my feet, I was flying high! It honestly was as cool as I’d thought and it definitely didn’t disappoint!

What to Wear

Usually when you’re riding horses, you’d wear jeans and boots, but since you’re riding in the water (and it’s hot), that’s not the best option. But you also don’t want to just wear a swimsuit (umm have you ever been on a horse?). You definitely want something that will cover your thighs so I think leggings (or at least longer bike shorts) are the best option. You’ll also want shoes that are strapped onto your feet. A good water shoe/sandal is probably best. And I went with my colorful beach kimono over a tank top to give a little shade and add some color for photos. 

What to Bring

You’ll want to bring as little as possible with you on the ride itself. It’s only an hour so you shouldn’t need too much. And since you’re parking right at the stables and there’s a lot of people around, it’s probably ok to leave stuff in the trunk of your car. Definitely put on your sunscreen before you go and I would make sure you have plenty of water in the car for when you get back. 

The one thing you will want to take with you is a camera. You’ll either want a GoPro/waterproof camera or a waterproof case for your phone. And I would take a strap for it as well. If you have your phone/camera out (and it’s waterproof) the guides are VERY good about taking photos for you. 

About Provo Ponies

Seriously, I cannot say enough good things about this experience with Provo Ponies. They’re not just a professional and ethically run stable…they’re actually a rescue mission as well. They got started with 7 abused horses and once they were nursed back to health and back up to strength, they were able to begin working to not only earn their keep, but give them a sense of purpose. 

They currently have 30 horses and a few donkeys (some of which are retired) and are always willing to give a new friend a home. I initially started following Provo Ponies on Instagram because of the eye candy, but I’ve enjoyed keeping up to date on the progress and stories of their rescues even more. 

Book a ride with Provo Ponies here.

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