Glamping at ULUM Moab (+ the Difference Between ULUM & Under Canvas)

If you’ve been around this blog for a bit maybe you’ve noticed that I’ve started something a little new this year (for me at least)…glamping!

I’ve always loved the great outdoors. The mountains, National Park destinations, off road trails, roasting marshmallows around a campfire, picking wildflowers, wildlife spotting…just not so much the actual camping part. 

Enter the new glamping trend (“glamorous + camping = glamping”) and it’s like it was practically made for me. 

So since I’m now a pretty active “glamper” (I’ve logged a few trips to AutoCamp and Under Canvas destinations already this year), I had to visit what’s being buzzed about as the ultimate glamping experience…ULUM Moab. 

Glamping at ULUM Moab

If you know anything at all about glamping, you’ve probably heard about Under Canvas. Their luxury, safari style tent resorts in National Park adjacent destinations have been making a huge splash over the last few years. 

ULUM is their new “extra luxury” concept that debuted in Moab earlier this year. 

How do you make an already luxurious camping experience extra luxurious? 

Well, they managed to do it! On my huge end of summer National Park road trip through Utah and Arizona, I booked a stay at ULUM Moab for the last two nights to cap off my trip. 

Here’s everything you need to know about glamping at ULUM Moab: 

ULUM Moab is a 50 suite property located about 20 miles south of Moab, UT. 

Yes, all of the accommodations are tents, but this place has a really nice resort feel. And it starts when you arrive. We pulled up to the registration parking area and there was a guy out there pretty much waiting for us. 

He greeted us, gave us some bottled water and brought us inside to get checked in. 

We got checked in and our attendant helped us load our bags up and took us to our tent in a golf cart. 

We got a full tour of the tent and the lowdown on how everything works.

So, about the tents: 

These are the same basic tents that they use at Under Canvas. They’re really spacious and they’re set up on wooden platforms so you don’t have to worry too much about creepy crawlies. 

Each tent has a king size bed, a couch that makes into a bed, and another sitting area. There’s plenty of room to spread out your luggage too. 

The bathroom suite is in the tent, but separated from the main room from a barn door. There’s a rainfall shower with hot water, Aesop bath products, plenty of fluffy towels, plus two robes. 

The tents also have pretty decent climate control options. There’s a wood stove (that comes set up to light a fire) with plenty of wood in a rack outside your tent plus there’s an electric blanket that you can add to your bed. 

The big upgrade they have here at ULUM is “air conditioning.” It’s not technically air conditioning, but it is GOOD. Where I’m from we call it a “swamp cooler” but officially it’s an “evaporative cooling fan.” 

I tested it out one afternoon when it was about 85 degrees. On its lowest setting it made the tent pretty chilly! It works really well since there’s not much humidity. Even without the cooling/water setting turned on (it’s just a big fan), it makes it really comfortable in the tent. I would imagine even in the most extreme heat during the summer (I was there mid September), it would make the tents pretty comfortable…especially at night. 

There’s also a pretty large floor fan set up near the bed if you need some extra air. 

So you’ve probably already guessed at this point with the fans, but there are power outlets in the tents which is sooooo convenient. There are outlets on each bedside table plus a couple others in different locations. 

They’ve struck a really nice balance in the tents…you’ve really got every comfort/amenity you could want but it still feels like a special glamping experience. 

Okay, a bit about the grounds of the resort…

The main gathering area is a permanent building (not a tent!) with restaurant seating, a coffee shop and grab and go area, couch seating, a gift shop, and the check in area. 

It’s wall to wall windows that open up onto a deck where little seating vignettes kind of spill down a hill with amazing views of Looking Glass Arch. 

There’s also a pool area with three separate pools (a hot tub, cold plunge pool, and regular swimming pool) plus a patio where games are set up.

And fire pits galore! 

They’ve absolutely NAILED the communal aspect of camping here and even though the amenities aren’t entirely unlike what you’d find at other luxury resorts, the setting here fosters a really nice community where strangers sit around the campfire in the evening chatting with each other. 

It really is a lot like camping. With air conditioning. And a hot shower. And a fluffy, king size bed. 

The resort offers plenty of activities every day to make it seem like a special experience (yoga on the deck, nature walks to Looking Glass Arch, jewelry making, complimentary smores, etc.) and the onsite restaurant is pretty robust. 

Plus the coffee shop and grab and go selection is really good if you just need something quick on your way out to an adventure. 

ULUM definitely has a resort feel. So even though you’ll no doubt be out adventuring around Moab during your stay, make sure you carve out plenty of time to enjoy the resort. 

ULUM just opened spring 2023 so I was able to grab an “introductory rate” of $549/night when I stayed in mid September (I was a little surprised it was that low since that’s on par with Under Canvas and there are wayyyyy more amenities here). So we’ll see if it stays that low next season after word gets out. 

And the word is definitely getting out…this is going to be a destination spot…pretty much everyone I met at the resort had come to Moab to stay at ULUM.

So if you’re looking for a “great American west ” / National Park getaway with a real resort feel, book a stay at ULUM during their season from April through October. 

ULUM vs Under Canvas

I’ve written a pretty thorough review of Under Canvas Zion in this post including everything I wish was a little different. Well, they pretty much hit every item on my list with ULUM. 

Here’s a list of the upgrades that ULUM offers over Under Canvas: 

Air conditioning!

Heated blanket for the bed

Power outlets in the tents

Floor fan for extra air flow

Rainfall shower (compared to pull chain shower at Under Canvas)

Aesop bath products

More luxury hotel-like check in experience

An escort to your tent with an orientation

Permanent clubhouse

A more high end restaurant (with a more extensive menu)

An onsite coffee shop with grab and go items

Three small pools with varying temperatures

Just a general more posh and upscale vibe