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Hi there–I’m thrilled if you’re considering working with me! I pour my heart and soul into making this blog a go-to spot for beach travel and summer lifestyle inspiration and I’ve built a highly engaged community that connects with and supports my content.

And that’s why you should work with me! While other travel bloggers with a broader focus may have larger audiences, you can be assured that if your brand is “beach” or “summer”-centric, almost 100% of my readers are going to be interested. That’s the advantage of working with such a niche blogger.

opportunities for partnerships include:

● Sponsored Posts
● FAM/Press Trips
● Day Trips & Tours
● Multi-Day Trips & Tours
● Social Media Amplification
● Sponsored Product Reviews/Roundups

what you can expect

If you choose to work with me promoting your destination or product, you can expect high-quality content that is crafted and presented in a way that will be appealing and useful to my readers. My mission is to create content that benefits my readers and I approach working with any brand or sponsor from this angle. I don’t just do reviews…I provide editorial that “sells” my readers on why they should consider you as a brand.

This is why I only work with brands that are a super authentic fit for my blog and audience.

interested? email for a media kit and to chat about opportunities.

hire me

Looking for a more long term sponsorship or need help with creating killer content and growing your brand’s social media? I can help with that! I double majored in history and journalism in college, which gives me a unique perspective on creating compelling cultural and informational content that’s well written but still personable.

I also have an MBA so I understand the business objectives behind a successful marketing campaign and I can help brands craft a message and content that will resonate with readers and convert them to fans.


Has your brand’s social media hit a plateau? Are you trying to expand your social reach? I can create content and a sharing strategy that will bring you loads of new followers who are ready to convert to customers. My current obsession is teaching brands how to use Pinterest to drive traffic to their websites and close sales.


Whether you need a copywriter or a freelance travel writer, I’ve got you covered! I have experience working as a copywriter for several advertising agencies producing both highly crafted print pieces as well as SEO keyword rich online copy. I’ve also contributed travel articles and stories to other outlets.

have a project you think i’d rock? email me at and let’s chat!

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