How to Have Everyday Adventures

If you’re like me, you love to travel and you’re probably always planning your next trip! Part of what I love about traveling is the adventures I have when I’m in a new place. But most of us aren’t full time travelers jetting across the globe 24/7. So does that mean the adventures have to stop when you’re at home? No way!

Adventures can be found anywhere if you’re willing to look for them and set aside time to chase them.

Here are 13 ways to be more adventurous everyday no matter where you live and get out of your house and start exploring!

Make a bucket list for your town. Most people keep some sort of a bucket or to do list, whether its for places they want to go or things they want to do, so make one that’s specific to where you live. Include “touristy” and “local” things to do. Here’s some things you should include on it:

  • Museums and cultural centers
  • Historic sites
  • Parks/botanical gardens/arboretums
  • Zoos and aquariums
  • Neighborhood or architectural walking tours
  • Downtown Sites
  • Events (sports, festivals, concerts, etc.)
  • Restaurants
  • Shopping
  • And any local experiences unique to your town

Try New Restaurants. If you like to eat out, this is one of the easiest ways to explore new places and neighborhoods. Keep a running list of places that you want to try (you can even include these on your bucket list). I like to go through TripAdvisor and look through the most popularly reviewed places. This mostly rounds up places that have been around for awhile (most cities have those institutions that you “have” to try) but if you find some city-wide social media accounts to follow, they’ll keep you up to date on newer places too.

Start a Quest. Similar to a bucket list but with a more defined purpose, a quest could include eating at every pizza place in your city or looking for the best vintage or antique shops in your town. This is a great way to explore new places that all share a common thread of something you’re interested in. I’m always obsessed with finding the best bookstores, pizza, acai bowls, and thrift shops.

Join a Club or a Team. If you have a particular interest in something, join a local club. How about a running club? Or a softball team? Or a crafting group? Tennis? You’ll get connected with like mind people and probably become more “in the know” about events and meet ups that may interest you. City parks can be a good place to start.

Volunteer. Join a site like and learn about local communities and charities that fit your interests. Volunteering at a local event is not only a great way to meet new people, but you’ll probably learn about cool stuff going on that you didn’t even know about!

Read Local Publications and Follow Social Media Accounts. Most towns have at least one or two free local magazines or newspapers. Pick those up to learn about events or new businesses opening up that you might want to check out. Also, start following local shops, event centers, parks, and gathering places and (*cringe) influencers on social media (Instagram is good for this). They’ll post about upcoming events and you’ll probably learn about other shops/restaurants/events to connect with.

Take Lessons. Learning something new is a great way to broaden your horizons and feel a little more adventurous. While you can learn almost anything online, opt for something more local. Look for a camera shop that has a photography school or a fabric shop that teaches sewing classes. Whatever you’re into. The possibilities are endless and it’s way more fun to learn in a group instead of in front of your computer.

Talk to People. That sounds scary. But if you’re looking to explore your city or find new things to do, locals are usually the most in the know. The barista at the local coffee shop, girl working the counter at your favorite boutique, or even person in front of you at the grocery store check out may have a lot to share.

Shop Local. If you do all of your shopping at Target (no shame!) or the mall, you’re never going to get to know your city. Start shopping at local boutiques (even if it’s just for fun and not essentials) and frequent farmers markets and ethnic grocery stores to get off the beaten path and really get to know your town.

Bike, Walk, or Use Local Transportation. If you’re stuck in your car all of the time, you’re likely missing a lot. So walk or bike whenever you can or even try public transportation. It might not be the most convenient way to get back and forth from work or to run errands, but how about trying it when you have a little time to explore?

Get Lost and Explore. It’s great having a list of places to go and things to try but sometimes the best fun comes when you scrap the plan and act more spontaneously. Drive down a street you’ve never been down before, take the bus to a random part of town and see what you see. Wander around downtown and try a new café. Most of the fun of vacation comes from exploring a new place, but you can do that right at home!

Look Outside of Your City. You can probably find a lot to see and do within 5 miles from your house. But what if you expand your radius to 20 miles or 50 miles from your house. Day trips are still local!

Be Accountable. You’re more likely to get out and explore if you feel accountable to someone. Keep a list on the fridge, start a Pinterest board, document your days on Instagram, keep a hometown travel journal, write a travel guide that you can give to friends from out of town, or just tell a friend that you’re trying to get out and explore more!